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Posted on 2006.02.22 at 19:31
Mood of the moment: soresore like nobody's business
Current monotonous song: La La Love You - Pixies
Hectic day.
Not good French class-wise. Decent AP Bio. wise (got a 93.5 on my test! So I am content. I was really worried 'bout it). First track practice for me ever. I should've stuck with swimming. *sigh*
My Cicero translation is interesting so far, I actually only have to translate a very small part of it. Overall, prolly not eve 15 sentences in all to translate, and I'm through five or six of 'em. He was quite blatant in his condemnation of Catiline, and he seems to like rhetorical question. But, I suppose that that's what oration is really about. I'd quote it if only I could remember it. xD I should blow off my homework tonight and rest up, but I can't let myself get anymore behind in Franch and AP Bio.

Tomorrow is going to be crazy. *bangs head on keyboard*
So much stuff to do, or want to do.
8:00 - School (try not to get too bogged down in work)
3:30 - Track practice (gonna miss watching the Shakespeare competition because of it) and dying since I can't run long distance.
Before 6:00 - help setup for Talent Show
Whenever the talent show ends - clean up
Then -home/homework/collapse in pain from being out of shape

I'm too out of it to talk about stuff today. See ya later.

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