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Kaoru Krazy
Posted on 2006.09.19 at 21:59
Current Location: back home finally
Mood of the moment: ecstaticecstatic
Current monotonous song: Sajou no Uta - Dir en grey
Saw Dir en grey in concert this past weekend...shall talk about it later. This is just a space saver so I don't forget.

Okay, so the concert was amazing. Y'know besides all the Korn fans there and generally unhygenic people.

They played Ryoujoku no Ame which is always good, my favorite recent song of theirs. And they played mainly songs from Withering to death. (and maybe a couple from Vulgar?) But, despite the lack of older songs and no Child Prey (very dissappointed, playing Child Prey at their concerts is tradition, but they haven't been playing it as much on the FVT since it wasn't from their most recent album), it was still awesome. I think I was the only person of the group of Dir en grey fans there who recognized every song (and knew most of the words, except for The Fatal Believer which I had heard once from a not great unofficial recording, so I knew its name, but it was new and hadn't been released yet officially). Oh! I was really happy because they played G.D.S. at the beginning, which is a tradition for all of their concerts (along with Child Prey as a last song), since they released it on a single a few years back. I had heard that they hadn't been playing it at all their FVT shows, so Iw as really happy that they played it at the one I was at. For your information, G.D.S. isn't a great song or anything, I don't know if it can even be considered a song, it is mainly an intense techno beat interspersed with shouts of KILL!KILL!KILL! in incomprehensible engrish. But oddly enough it is a lot of fun to shout along with. So yeah, it was crazy and awesome. Kyo was insane of course. Singing and screaming and freaking out, spasming, etc. Spitting blood and rolling around on the floor, in true Kyo fashion.

Yeah, so while I was there I bought a DVD of their 2003 tour Final 5 Ugly Kingdom (or some combination of those words), since it was the earliest tour DVD they were selling. I'd really like to try and get their DVD (if there is one) for their A pilgrimage capsizing the islands tour or their A manipulated life tour or something. Though recently watching some of the Final Kingdom DVD, I have rediscovered some awesome songs some of the lives on it are purely amazing and so intensely emotional. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Oh! I also got a Dir en grey t-shirt for the FVT, it's pretty cool (not the greatest of their t-shirt designs), but it used their old It Withers and Withers tour skeleton t-shirt design and just removed the logo for that tour.

Okay, best part! Since I bought a DVD, I got a wristband that let me get in line to shake hands with Dir en grey at the meet and greet (most venues had two of the band members, sorta randomly chosen, some had all five, etc). At the show I was at it was just Kyo at the meet and greet, I was vaguely dissappointed that I wouldn't get to meet Kaoru (my favorite band member), but Kyo is a close second and was purely awesome. I was one of the first in line (mainly because I can run really fast in platforms), there were prolly more than a hundred people in line (maybe even two hundred) and while we were waiting for Dir en grey to come we hung out and talked and I met some cool people, I also got to sign the facebook Dir en grey Street Team banner (I was a member of the facebook group already) which was given to Kyo at the meet and greet (though I missed that part). Okay, so I'm in line, and I go up to shake Kyo's hand, and he is just smiling the sweetest smile, as I've said to people many a time since the concert, Kyo's smile is akin to the wide mischievious grin of a small child, it is just so adorable! *melts* (main reason why Kyo is catching up to Kaoru now, fav. band member-wise). It was pretty funny at the same time, b/c here is this person who you'd just watched roll around and scream and bleed and spasm for a half an hour, just standing there smiling the most adorable child-like smile. Oh yeah, he was wearing his crown ring too, which was pretty cool. Didn't think he still wore it or even had it for that matter. I want cool rings like that, srsly, rings are my favorite type of jewelry. But really awesome ones are hard to come buy, and clay rings are too fragile to make and wear (I know from experience). I made a ring out of clay a few weeks ago, looking back it seems it was really Vivienne Westwood-esque with a winged heart and all, but that was sorta accidental, I really want that Vivienne Westwood armour ring featured in the NANA manga and movie. Will continue this later, my mom is yelling at me for being up too late....

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