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Posted on 2006.03.09 at 18:45
Mood of the moment: ecstaticecstatic
Current monotonous song: DISCO PLAYLIST!!! <(^^<) ^(^ ^)^ (>^^)>
Gonna be in California from Friday (10th) until next Wednesday (the 15th I think). Then I shall be back. Just in time to see V for Vendetta!


head in the clouds, feet on the ground
silverandgold06 at 2006-03-10 02:15 (UTC) ("Link, because it feels right.")
I was listening to the song "California Dreaming" today and now it is stuck in my head all over again! I've never been there before, unless you count the LA airport several times.
don't you know? I love/hate...
darkluceid at 2006-03-10 09:15 (UTC) ("Link, because it feels right.")
xD I've had some random Japanese song that I can't remember the name of stuck in my head, but I can only remember one word that is repeated a few times in a line.
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