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Posted on 2006.02.08 at 11:15
Mood of the moment: sicksick, but recovering
Current monotonous song: Hey - Pixies
So, so far, I have not had a very good week. Emotionally Sunday and Monday were awful. Physically Tuseday and Today are killers.
I have not gotten enough sleep lately. I've been feeling sick/nauseated non-stop. Yesterday's swim meet almost killed me. I was on the verge of vomiting after my 500 free, that and I did terribly in it in the first place, probably a minute slower than usual. I recovered enough in time to do my 100 Breaststroke, which I actually did decently on, but after the meet and on the bus back, I felt like crap. At least since I didn't make the state cut times for my events, I'm done for the year in swimming. Thank god. Not eating enough the last couple days has probably been pretty detrimental to my health. Worst of all, combined with the sick-ness and exhausted-ness, my time of the month started at friggin' 3 o'clock this morning. So I have definitely not rested enough.

Well, I'm gonna go eat, shower, read, and sleep some more, I think.

On a lighter note, I've gotten to the third book in the trilogy Spaz lent me. I'm missing school today, which is a nice and much needed break. I'm just a little afraid of all the AP Bio. and Latin labs quiz translation stuff I'll have to make-up. This week needs to end faster. I got an A+ on my Canterbury Tales test and an A- on my re-written Beowulf essay. So I'm happy 'bout that since I despise Mr. Peterson. I think Jeremy and Kevin have found a way to get Mr.Peterson in trouble sort of. Though I doubt they'll actually do it. It's entertaining to say the least. I'm excited that we're almost done with learning latin grammar. As soon as we take the quiz and turn in our translations for chapter 26. We'll move on to reviewing calendar, history, mythology (YAY!), etc. for the National Latin Exam. Then after that we are going on to translating authors (which we need to study for the Natinal Latin Exam as well). I get to translate Cicero! Laura Puleo gets to translate Caesar, since Sarah and I had already done some Caesar in Latin II, but Laura P. hasn't. I beat Sarah to Cicero, so she gets/has to translate Livy. I'm excited, even though I'm not very good at Latin and Cicero is bound to be confusing. The funniest thing is Laura P. is really really good at Latin, but she has to read Caesar who is easy to translate since he uses such simple grammar, etc.

Wow, it's really sunny today. I just realized. xD My dog has been barking at something or the other for the last hour I swear. I'm kind of sad I'm missing out on such a nice day, but I don't think I could handle school today.

Will continue this entry later.....just need to eat and shower first.

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